Nov 7, 2010

Free Kareem

Kareem Amer a young Egyptian blogger was sentenced to 4 years-since 2006- in prisons for charges I, personally, didn’t know they exist in our modern world till the day of his prosecution. Amer was found guilty of insulting Islam and the president (YES Mubarak).He has completed his sentences FULLY without any parole and yet he is still detained; Kareem’s Lawyers have no information why he is been held captive up till this now.
Kareem was the first blogger to be prosecuted for personal writings publishing online, this was a part of opposition crack down post-2005 elections. This harsh unprecedented rule had main propose; to deter bloggers and people who found at Internet a free speech refuge in a country has been -in the last 60s years- ruled by generals, martial and emergency laws.
Mubarak has been always outspoken about the retaliation of an Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood) getting to power on religious freedom level, spreading the scare of new Iran. NDP was very proud with the secular regime which fights religious intolerance of Muslim Brotherhood; towards minorities and women. On the other hand, people- like Kareem- are being prosecuted for speaking their mind about religious believes.
The Irony is where the sentence of Kareem- for speaking his mind- was harsher than Mamdoh Ismael’s –Ferry incident which Mubarak laughed at earlier this week-
I would love to compare this sentence and the same cases which take place in Khomaeni’s Iran. Is this making NDP better than Iran and Hamas??
Some people refused to show solidarity with Kareem's case because he is “atheist” and ”infidel” which is totally ridiculous and hypocritical Freedom of speech should protect both Islamists/Copts/and Infidels otherwise it’s constriction of liberty.
For people who found Kareem’s case irrelevant to “their freedom” quest I would say Mubarak regime oppression didn’t differentiate between Muslim and Non Muslim. Poverty, oppression and torture have no religion. The true insult of Islam is disrespect of choices taken and ideas expressed by  the god given mind.

Nov 5, 2010

Remember, remember the Fifth of November

Happy Guy Fawkes day everyone

For those of you who know nothing about what the heck this is click here

And I love to share two of my favorite (V for Vendetta) parts  =)




You have No Fear Anymore, You Are Completely Free”



The Man Who Drank The Tea

On an Upper Egypt tour, Mubarak “spontaneously” asked a poor/ordinary upper Egyptian man to offer him “Sa’adi Tea” at his home 

I will not comment on this boring  election stunt which we have to watch every 5 years ,thus far what I am concerned with  is Mubarak’s outrageous joke. The 30 year-president of Egypt, made a cheap joke on the expense of the dead 1000 Egyptian workers drowned in the Red Sea; while the NDP member accused of this catastrophe has been free since and his company still operates with the same low safety ferries.

Yet, I won’t mention the rescue operation which we all have seen on TV - Rescue Teams took 6 hrs to act-

I can not believe there are people that really laughed at this cheap joke; those dead corps of our sons/fathers/sisters/mothers

This is the script of the joke:

Random Upper Egyptian Guy: We use ferries to go to the other side of the Nile; to Girga

Mubarak:  Are they the same ferries that sink  **laughing** !!

Random Upper Egyptian Guy: No sir **Laughing**

---- Laughter

This Video Montage for the Comedian Mubarak and pervious interviews with (MURDERED) workers families



Ya Rayes! those people have died under your watch because of the corruption, neglect and poverty which are NOT funny.

Moreover, their families never had the chance to say goodbye or to get justice which is NOT funny either.

By the way: your re-election; that means we have to live through this another 6 years is NOT funny anymore.

Oct 14, 2010

The Core of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

According to Michael B. Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the United States at his op-ed at the NYT today

The core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the refusal to recognize Jews as a people, indigenous to the region and endowed with the right to self-government. Criticism of Israeli policies often serves to obscure this fact, and peace continues to elude us. By urging the Palestinians to recognize us as their permanent and legitimate neighbors, Prime Minister Netanyahu is pointing the way out of the current impasse: he is identifying the only path to co-existence.

Not denying people from their homes and establishing a state over massacred Arab villages using the the “historical rights” card to justify genocide. and not explaining how racist a Jewish state is for over 1.5 M Arab Israeli and Not the 4 M Palestinian refugees. Nevertheless, zillions of security council and international law that The Zionist entity broke

This article comes in the context of the obvious fail of the direct talks. I would like to point this article after series of laws of Jewish loyalty oath and Jerusalem and Golan referendum suggestions  adding to that the refusal to extend the settlement freeze.

Here is where Mr. Oren contradict himself

Why should it matter whether the Palestinians or any other people recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people? Indeed, Israel never sought similar acknowledgment in its peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. Some analysts have suggested that Mr. Netanyahu is merely making a tactical demand that will block any chance for the peace they claim he does not really want.

Leaving us with big Q here both US and Bibi pushed Abbas to participate in this charade with the help of their strategic allies Mubarak and King Abdullah II , why bother at the first place when the result is know ahead?!

Oct 7, 2010

Life Won’t Quit Surprising Us






This is NOT a photoshoped picture or new animation character on Harry Potter Movie

This is for REAL, newly discovered un-named species.  


This would suggest that Devil cartoons were not a mere product of human imagination after all





Though humans are sometimes stranger than fiction and any un-discovered species


magdy-elkurdy                               (Magdy AlKurdy- Coordinator of GamalMubarak for presidency campaign)


To check rest of the newly discovered species click here

Oct 6, 2010

من وحى أكتوبر-تعيشوا وتفتكروا


زيادة حجم السائحين الوافدين من إسرائيل إلى مصر خلال الفترة من يناير إلى أغسطس2010 بزيادة قدرها 12.6%، بالرغم من التحذيرات التى تصدر بشكل دورى من جانب الأجهزة الأمنية الإسرائيلية، فيما تراجع سوق السياحة الجزائرية بنسبة 50% تأثرا بأحداث مباراة كرة القدم بين مصر و الجزائر.  الرابط



Sep 29, 2010




How odd?!

the -should be- closest people to you are unlimited source for your insecurities.

Sep 4, 2010

Hard Sell: security AND sovereignty



After ignoring the part where The writer refers to Obama as (Hussein) to be more consistent with the ongoing debate by GOP whether he is Muslim or not!! The writer points out future scenarios for the settlements in light of the latest talks on Israeli point of view and how the complication of Netanyahu's stance after the 4 settlers killed by Hamas.

The article Questions the ability of Netanyahu to control the future of the settlements

Netanyahu is torn between the obligatory demands of any possible agreement, and the fear that the evacuation of the 100,000 settlers on the eastern side of the separation barrier is more than the country can tolerate 

For me The most interesting part was his comment on the remark in which BiBi hoped that Abbas will be “a courageous partner, as Sadat was for Begin”

The late Egyptian president Anwar Sadat really was a great statesman; in exchange for his courageous acts, he received all of Sinai from prime minister Menachem Begin. Is that what Netanyahu was referring to? Or was he referring to an implicit understanding with the Americans and the Egyptians, which was part of the peace with Egypt, and enabled Begin to build dozens of settlements in the West Bank and to bomb the Iraqi nuclear reactor, at a time when the Egyptians were waiting patiently to receive their land back?

With “adjustments” to the present situation, maybe the idea is for there to be a withdrawal from the hilly areas of the West Bank in exchange for a green light from the U.S. to proceed with massive construction in the settlement blocs and to attack Iran, while the world is eagerly awaiting the establishment of Palestine.

The way Washington is hard selling these talks as (the 2010 Camp David) and the endless comparisons in which they remaking history is suspicious. Obama/Hilary are pushing for this talks for god knows why reasons but certainly not for “peace sake” Both Abbas and BiBi are pressured to continue this charade.  Hamas latest militant operation against the settlers was a clear message that “security in exchange for sovereignty” is a bogus principle to begin with. In fact neither BiBi could offer sovereignty nor Abbas can present security.

So the Q remains upon all obvious indications of the FAIL talks why the pushy attitude to gather all of Netanyahu/Abbas/Mubarak/Abdallah under the same roof?!!!

the answer is one word –Iran- and the rest will follow.

We are dealing here only with USA security and its sovereignty in the region yet, the 4 musketeers are negotiating their roles in the one year plan- the time frame that Hilary suggested. like the writer put it down “ while the world is eagerly awaiting the establishment of Palestine.”Therefore, the talks is nothing but a booty division among the 4 relatively- of course- to their on-ground power. Netanyahu wants to be a partner with the  US “plans”,Mubarak and Abdallah wants their shares too and Abbas has no choice except what will be offered.

To sum up, there is no peace but certainly there are talks and they are necessary for USA shaping its policy on the coming years in Middle East. 

One last remark on Amr Moussa’s comment about the (peace talks):This round of Israeli-Palestinian talks will be the last !! wow Really did you have a vision about it?

it will be the last if the apocalypse is tomorrow for sure !!!

Aug 18, 2010

UFOs’ conspiracy





I’m a bit confused about all of those Water and Electricity cuts. here is a chronological order to what happened which all in all does not make sense :

  • The government announced that it is studying to cut all power from only streets and stores/restaurants/..est. after 7:00 pm (which looks like a curfew)

                they accused Egyptian fertility rate, then Egyptian irresponsible use of 

                power during summer

  • The government announced electricity cuts due to heavy loads and excessive use in various cities

                then they have confessed that the network is out dated and can not

                take all the usage rates.

  • The government after critsism for improvised decision they decided to make the cuts scheduled

               Power cuts began to take place all over Egypt but in cases it lasted

               for hrs and hrs

  • These power cuts where accompanied with unannounced water cuts

              which the officials responded to as a usual maintenance procedures

               critics of power and water cuts become so loud and people began

               to protest as summer heat rises

  • Mubarak personally shows close follow up to this problema

               Energy minister announces that there is no more power cuts, however

               the power cuts continues

  • Mubarak embaresses the minister with televised live questions about the cuts

                The ministry drops a bomb shell and announces that the power cuts

                were not either because of the weak infrastructure or the people’s

                birthrates but due to the Liquid Gas exportations to Israel !!


Coming to water it seems it’s not only a maintenance issue but real water shortage as the Irrigation Ministry had to open the High Dam doors to allow more water to flow into the Nile


So what is really happening in Egypt?  who’s responsible for the water and power cuts?  is it the naughty Egyptians high fertility rate or the deteriorating-31years- infrastructure or the irresponsibility in managing the country’s recourses or the UFOs????!!!!

Mubarak, Nazeef, Gamal ! I don’t want to wake up on a famine !!!

Aug 17, 2010

Another brick in the succession wall



Taken from Almasry Alyoum website

The Egyptians have fallen into the mice trap very easily and the home master now looking down laughing. Since the beginning of this month intellectuals and elitists been busy with the ultimate question whether it will be (The Father) or (The Son) or (The Ghost!!)**. At least 3 op-ed daily in local newspapers dedicated to solve this dilemma; each has constructed an argument to support how s/he induced the presidential forecast. The rest of the elitists have been more efficient and practical using their pens and voices to pitch about Egypt’s misfortune and theirs’ as well. Those intellectuals have wasted tones of papers and hours of broadcasting at the discourse about Mubarak jr. precision conspiracy theory till they became another propaganda tool for the idea itself. They –intentionally or not- repeated the name and stating the Almighty Gamal Mubarak is enviable backed up with their personal and political failures, humming the same depressing tune to the point public ears and minds been used to. All of the (independent) newspapers planting the seeds of the defeat.Egyptian now see the project as their fate and intellectuals have nothing more to say than ( we told you so)!!

Away from the intellectual scene there are much younger optimist youth that work more than they practice ( intellectual discourse), maybe they didn’t read 1/10th of the intellects have but they have more soul indeed.

Student been raised by a generation fed the fear of political Activism, torture practices inside the security establishment been like a pop stories. Those young women and men toured the streets/villages/cities trying to be – with their bare hands- the change  they like to see in the world not wasting their time solving the riddle of whom is where and which is when !

Now I’m a disbeliever in all of those false prophets calling themselves  intellectuals and a new convert to the youth faith which is mere believe in tomorrow.


** The Ghost: is the unknown 3rd presidential candid within the military establishment or the messiah!!

Aug 13, 2010

In fact; Size Really Matters!!




Guess who owns the biggest clock on the world?

- nah, not Switzerland!!Saudi King ordered-god knows who but defiantly not Saudis- to build the World’s largest clock!

The Question remains why Saudis/Arabs need the biggest clock for people widely known for having no sense of time ??!!

- Eh,maybe because it will look good on the guinness world record book!


photo: AFP Photo/Hassan Batel

Aug 10, 2010

Ramadan Mubarak !

Less than 24 hrs for Ramadan,yet food shopping frenzy like won’t be ending soon. people shop as it’s the end of the world, one visit to one of many Cairo’s hyper markets could paint a good picture of the average Egyptian estimate consumption on; Supposedly, a month designed for elevating spirituality over materialism. 43 % food prices raise , I guess couldn’t stop Egyptian to celebrate the holy month with eating till they drop dead, or at least that what I thought.

I, as a part of Egyptians, had done some shuttle Ramadan-shopping trips on my favorite souq, During which I came to notice that small shops that used to put out Kunafa & Qtayf stands  just before Ramadan are not there as it used to be since forever. I was just puzzled; something was not right to my beloved Egyptian Ramdan scene; I started wondering, and the answer was some how predictable. The people on the streets told me that small Kunafa& Qatyf shops didn’t afford the sudden wheat price rise, so they just are waiting for prices to come back to normal (!!)

OMG! are people really giving up Ramadan kunafa& Qatyf; a tradition dated since the Fatimids?? is this really happening??

If it wasn’t enough shock; Egyptians now are feasting in Ramadan on installment!!!

To wrap things up, Ramadan shopping in Egypt turned into fares, 3 caricatured scenarios:

1-hyper-market food hyper mania, with unbelievable food quantities which my limited brain can’t absorb; how a human could actually eat all of that food in 1 month.

2- people tighten their budget and give up Kunafa luxury to be able to afford small Ramadan feast.

3- finally, people fighting and killing each other over Ramadan charity Packs.

The divine comedy is; if you were present in one and only one of the scenarios above you will be convinced that it is how things are going all over the country.




an optimistic final note Ramadan Kareem everybody :)ramadan

Aug 6, 2010

Made in USA!!

Hiphop/rapper Wyclef Jeans announced running for Haiti’s (Underdeveloped/devastated/Fail state) presidential elections; Armed with 2 Grammies (!!) and The American media machine. Following the same logic,this would make Lady GaGa- with her WMA nomination new record and world wide mania- qualified to take down Taliban and win The Afghani decade long war!!

Wyclef Jean goes to Haiti to announce he will run in the political race to become Haitian President.


For whom of you wondering who is this Wyclef?! There is a big chance you know him, but been distracted by Shakira’s hips

Jul 31, 2010

O.J Simpson Al-Masry

Egypt woke up on a high profile murder, when Egyptian TV-News-anchor shoot his wife. On the other hand, a highly profile murder means a good material for  media and late talk shows; every party jumped on analyzing/discussing/interviewing/publishing the (cheesy) details of the (psychopathic) inner demons of the both the victim and the murderer. All of them trip into non-ethical and non-professional category and when I say ALL I mean ALL ! which leaves me wondering about how solid our media professionalism is ?!

While it’s a dead case; man murders his wife, confesses, detained, and waits for the trials (period) this,however, were not enough for feeding the hunger of 80% of poor Egyptian whose life lack any action other than late Thursday night (Arabic play) on TV.

analyzers and (people of knowledge) began to victimize the killer-and portrait the late wife as the villain 300 pounds- ghoul who deserved to be shoot at the head unmercifully- because probably she asked for it!

people followed the case as their favorite Ramadan soap opera, siding with characters based on which TV star they like better.

Misogynistic comments and attitudes filled the newspapers comment sections/facebook groups/ and TV talk shows, people thought that the b*tch deserves to die  based on the fact she is:

1- Lower Class than her murderous husband


3-Not famous


and he is pardoned because he is



3-Upper Class

4-Not Fat

5- Man

and this may ring some bells to another high profile murder which public opinion sided on the same bases and lead to the freedom of the murderer; O.J Simpson.

Like US, our newly consumption-structured society, everybody tried to use the case to max the profit, even if it was on account of dead woman’s body. Al-Ahram, prestigious journalistic institution, joined the heap and allowed the (confessed Killer-husband) to publish his memoire with his (monstrous/Fat/Uneducated) wife, while trial procedures still ongoing.

My only explanation for such a tabloid-like move from the Ahram came down to two points:

First, using the (dead case) to keep the public discourse about the travail, 3nd class celebrity scandal for more distraction, away from “political & economic” chaos in Egypt, especially Ramdan is at doors and the prices is UP UP UP without reasonable cause.

Secondly, foolishly they counted the TV anchor, as he is a governmental news image , a part of “them” and they felt obliged to save the “system image” by clearing his name and defaming his late wife.

offering him free justification to slaughter his wife as they once before justified Khalid Said’s mureder which fell under the category of personal judgments, strip the victims from their humanity and representing them as a mad dogs should be shoot dead without shedding a tear.

This ordeal exposed the fig leaf over the misogynic  community before the system, women before men, educated before uneducated.Adding, how the systematic socio-economic oppression of the women paid off well on producing mutilated society with low self esteem- self-hating women siding with a killer is happened to be MAN as his only excuse.  

Apr 11, 2010




Lately, I have been yearning for some “Simsimya” music and have made my mind to hit the road and buy some new CDs.This thought was turned down by the fact,as beautiful & appealing this music is, it has no commercial existence in the market.I felt sad and angry;The Suez Canal area has hundreds of folkloric “Simsimya” treasures that simply narrate its history,could get forgotten and deprive the coming Egyptian generations to embrace and enjoy such art. So I shook all my doubts and thoughts, went to “Diwan” in search for some “Simsimya” music,I thought I have reached ecstasy spotting a CD written on it in both English & Arabic “Simsmya-Tanboura”. Quickly grabbed it,turned it to read the description of the music but my poor eyes were hit by the price which was 110 LE= 20$!!.In a country Kilo of beef =80 LE and minimum wage is a bet over the CD price with few pounds,this was enough to make me put down the CD and walk away with no regrets.This CD and such that contains MY country folkloric music which were written by simple fishermen & workers was made available for the orientalists  & exotic music lovers of the upper class but not for 80 % of Egyptians!

After I got back home,I Googled “Simsimya” music and I downloaded all I have wanted and more. Essence of the story: God bless Google,and 4shared and DOWN with copyrights.

I will share my findings for public good, enjoy and spread please ! =) (Tanbora Band)

Feb 19, 2010

بـــــدون عــنــــوان


عندى حنين لبلاد لم أزورها ابدا.

.لشوارع لم تخطوها قدمى

أشتاق لوجوه لم اعرفها او تعرفنى ..

لمذاق أطعمه لم اسمع بها

لسماء لم تشهدنى ..

لليل لم يزرنى بعد..

لصوت هامس لا اتذكره..

ولنظره ..ماهى؟ الله أعلم ..


أتوق للحن.. لاغنيه.. لنغمه

لم تكتب ولن تكتب

لفنجان قهوه لم اشربه ولكنى أعرف انه الاحلى

لوساده تساع أفكارى وجنونى

للدمعه الاخيره و البسمه الاولى

للحظه لاتنتهى عندها الساعات

Feb 15, 2010

معلومات تهمّك –غصب عنك لازم تهمّك


بعض الارقام الصادمه؛ فتح عنيك كويس بُص لها أوى إفهمها و إحفظها ..علشان نعرف بس احنا واقفين فين  وراحين لايه


دراسة «غيوم في سماء مصر» الصادرة عن المركز المصري لحقوق المرأة قالت:

83% من المصريات يتعرضن للتحرش

، وجاءت الملامسة غير اللائقة للجسد علي قمة أشكال التحرش الجنسي

المختلفة التي تتعرض لها النساء بنسبة تجاوزت 40%، هذا بخلاف التتبع والملاحقة والمعاكسات الكلامية وغيرها من أشكال التحرش


74% من العينة إن الناس لا تساعدهن عندما تحدث واقعة التحرش في الأماكن العامة.


الفتيات اللاتي ارتدين حجاب وبلوزة قصيرة وجيب هم الأكثر تعرضا للتحرش بنسبة 31.9%، تلتها العينة التي ترتدي «التونيك» وبنطلون وحجاب بنسبة 21%، ثم اللاتي يرتدين عباءة وحجاب بنسبة 20%

أكثر من 62% من الرجال مارسن التحرش


41% من العينة التي مارست التحرش إن هذا الفعل يشبع لديهم رغبة جنسية مكبوتة علي حد تعبير الدراسة، بينما يشعر 23% بذكورتهم وثقتهم في أنفسهم.



قريت كويس ..فهمت ..83 % من النساء بيتعرضه لتحرش…. أيووووووه  يعنى 100 % أمك واختك ومراتك و بنتك بيتعرضه لتحرش

يعنى لما تقول انا مؤدب ومابعملش حاجه ده مش كفايه

يعنى تلتين الحالات الى بتستنجد و مابتلقيش مساعده ..أنت أيوه أنت بتبقى واقف وبتتفرج

أه فى رقم ظريف أوى قريت عنه امبارح 30% من ستات مصر هم الى بيعولوا أسرهم  وهنا يعول يعنى يتكفل بكل شىء مش بيساعد بس

يعنى نسوان البلد دى بتأكل أكتر من 28 مليون بنى أدم

يعنى الى حسمع حسه يقول وهو ايه الى بيخرج الستات من الاول ماعنديش ليه غير  انهم ماتوا فى الحرب-الرجاله- ومافيش أمل لتعويض الخساره الا الاستعانه بالخبرات الاجنبيه خلاص وكلام قبيح تانى مش حقوله دلوقتى


الكلام الى جاى دلوقت موجه للبنات بس:

لكل واحده اتعرضت للتحرش وبسببه فقدت الثقه فى نفسها و المجتمع

لما دمعه محشوره فى عينيك ماحدش شافها أو تجاهلها .

أنت مش لوحدك ..وماتسمحيش ان حاجه تحددك وتقلل من نظرتك لنفسك

ولما تتكلمى بصوت عالى وتشاورى مش فضيحه ليكى لأ فضيحه ليه

لو كل بنت شاورت وقالت ده مجرم

الوصم حيبقى ليهم هم


الكلام ده بقى موجه للدوله : فى كلام بقاله يجى سنتين عن قانون للتحرش ولسه بتتشاوروا و بتناقشوا وقانون بيع الاثار طلع فى تلات أيام

Feb 14, 2010

لو كنت راقصه ....لوددت أن أكون تحيه كاريوكا

Feb 13, 2010

لص الاحلام


    أتامل صدفه جمعتنا

    أتامل غرفه جمعتنا

    أتامل خارطه يوما

    أضاعنا فيها الساعات نتباحث

    عن وجهتنا الاخرى

    أتامل صوره لللوفر

    أتامل فى البحر الاحمر

    أنظر الى بيروت و لندن

    امرق على هذا المقهى

    أتذكر اللمسه الاولى

    أتذكر الدمعه الاولى

    أسترجع لحظه سرقناها

    من ساعات العالم

    أنت اليوم مجرد ذكرى

    ….ذكرى لطفله كانت لى

    واليوم صارت امرأه

    تعرف أن الحلم سبيل للنضج

    أما مشاركه الاحلام

    على الاوراق تعنى الموت

    أنظر الى خارطه العالم

    لن اطويها هذه المره

    فقد تعلمت درسى

    وساحتفظ بالحلم لنفسى

    ساحلم بعواصم اسيا

    وغزالات افريقيا

    وشوارع البرازيل ستشهد رقصى


    اما انت فستذهب الى امراه اخرى

    تغويها فتعطيك الحلم

    فتعبث به وتحوله ذكرى لحلم

    وتقول ب تعال أن هذا الحلم… مجرد حلم

Feb 1, 2010

What keeps me going!



Still day-dreaming about my freedom ……

Jan 28, 2010

أشباه البشر


انتصارتهم التافه لاتعنى بضروره الحال انهم أبطالها

مجدهم ليس الا حكى عن أساطير أخرين

يعيشون فى الظل….ويعشقونه

كلما كثرت الآلهه زادت القرابين

وفى القرابين غنائمهم 



*Painting:The Old Guitarist ,Pablo Picasso


Jan 26, 2010

National Security or Egyptian Imperialism



Kenyan newspapers yesterday had a breaking News about Egypt represented in Citadel Capital has acquired the majority of shareholders stocks of The Kenya- Uganda railways! 

The Citadel Capital was described by the National Daily newspaper as:

“a powerful and tough talking firm based out of Cairo that is whispered to count among its investors sons of the most powerful politicians and political elite in that country.”

Citadel Capital has prospective investment in East Africa estimated with 400 million$;Which insinuating the direct relation with the High official visits of the Egyptian government to East Africa.The acquisition of the Egyptian businessmen of the railways company in Kenya-Uganda out broke controversy in the Kenyan-Ugandan society described by Daily National newspaper:

“the entry of the Egyptians has stocked nationalistic passions in Kenya, and outlined the cleavage that defines how the country and Uganda define their strategic interests.”


“In the traditional mode, the conflict over what would define the national interests of the nine Nile Basin countries would be fuelled by politicians with expansionist ambitions, but in the current saga, corporate men in suits seated thousands of kilometers away are calling the shots from their plush private equity funds profits.”

This opens a big debate Now:

 whether Egypt foreign policy committed to mend its relations with the Nile basin Nations on bases of mutual benefits & strategic importance as equal partners or as an imperialist elitists?!

I’m now questioning the intensions of Nazif and his efforts. Is it for the Nile water or for the bank accounts of his businessmen government?

People now in Kenya-Uganda questioning our true intentions as well towards their countries , comparatively, Israel investments focuses more in the development areas.I think Egyptian government should revise the heavy support for its capitalists ,Considering this shall portrays Egypt as a colonial imperialism overtaking their countries.It is not wise to strive for the cash and overlook the long term relationship between us & the Nile basin.

Nazif your businessmen government experimental policies have failed nationally ! this is a fact …Why do think it will work outside?!

and these leaves us with anther  question ----> is businessmen influence have risen to the point it overpowers the foreign ministry????


background info:

Egyptian media have been alarmed by the Israeli officials visits which took place on the course of the last year to Nile basin countries.At the same time, accused the government with neglecting a national security matter, since, the Egyptian presence in Africa =0 leaving a back door to Israel controlling the sources of the Nile. However;The Egyptian government officials tried to underestimate the significance of these visits .At the end of last year, unpredictably; Dr.Ahmed Nazif –prime minister-accompanied by businessmen toured Ethiopia & later assembled with Nile Basin countries in Egypt.This has lead to many investments in those countries as well as partnerships ,while it may seem late;but these moves were praised nationally.

Jan 21, 2010



isn’t it sad when love fades!

Do people give up their passion?

or just simply;

They have changed?!

Jan 16, 2010

6 Reasons Why I Loved Julie&Julia?!



  watched Lately Julia&Julie it was such a great inspiration.

I enjoyed the movie very much. and These are the most important reasons I can think of:

First of all it has 2 of my favorite girls Meryl Streep and Amy Admas

Second : like true based stories.

Third : This flick adaption was perfect.

Fourth: It’s about cooking =) ”I take a joy on cooking ”

Fifth: It goes into blogging ^.^

Sixth: It‘s about life:ups & downs,  and self exploration .


***I recommend it for watching giving it 4 stars, some would say it’s girls’ flick but WTH men could enjoy it too if they are into some of the things I mentioned before…

Jan 14, 2010

بلاد الدهب


الموضوع ده كان فى دماغى من فتره وكنت حابه اكتب فيه كتير..واعتقد الوقت ده وقته.

الحكايه بدأت لما جه مهندس يونانى أسمه أدريان دنينوس وفكر فى بنا سد ضخم على نهر النيل يحفظ مياه الى بتضيع فى البحر ويكون ليها نفع كبير على مصر.

الفكره قعدت تلف لغايه لما وصلت لناصر..والى مش عارف او فاكر القصه يقدر يسمع أغنيه عبد الحليم.

السنه دى مصر بتحتفل بمرور 50 سنه على أخذ القرار ببنا السد العالى وجزء من فعاليات الاحتفال

ان معرض الكتب السنه دى حيكون حول السد العالى و روسيا هى ضيف الشرف.

يعنى من الواضح ان السنه دى حنسمع كلام كتير جدا عن السد العالى وأهميته ودوره ..الخ

لكن فى موضوع مرتبط بالسد حقيقه ،مهمش اعلاميا بشكل كبير وهو موضوع تهجير النوبيين، فى بعض الاحيان بيظهر الموضوع ده على السطح

و بسرعه يختفى من غير وجود تفاصيل كافيه


للاسف الصوره المترسخه فى أذهن كتير من المصريين وغير المصريين للنوبيين صوره نمطيه مصدرها الافلام الابيض و أسود.

عم عبده البواب الرجل النوبى الاسمر صاحب الجلباب الواسع الذى يتكلم بلهجه غير مفهومه و مضحكه

أو عثمان عبدالباسط شخصيه الرجل النوبى الساذج التى اشتهر بهاعلى الكسار.

واخر شىء لهم ظهر فى الاعلام هى مشكله أغنيه هيفاء وهبى و القرد النوبى.

وقله من المصريين صادفهم الحظ بالتعامل مع شخصيات نوبيه خارج نطاق النمطيه،وأقل لها معرفه بتاريخ وثقافه النوبه أبعد من اغانى محمد منير ومنيب.

فبدايه أحب ان تقرأ عن النوبه أولا لتعرف ما هى ومن هم أهلها .

وجدير بالذكر ان الرئيس السادات ولد من أم نوبيه وان اللغه النوبيه كانت من اللغات المستخدمه فى الشفرات اثناء حرب 73

حق العوده؟

الكلمه بتبان كبيره و البعض بيعتبرها تضخيم اعلامى.بس لو اتحط كل شىء فى سياقه اعتقد مفهوم

بناء السد العالى ومانتج عنه من تحويل مجرى النيل وتكوين بحيره ناصر  غرقت بلاد النوبه بالكامل

وتهجير كافه ابنائها حوالى 18الف أسره .

بعد تهجيرهم 3 مرات قبل كده فى مرحله بناء وتعليه سد أسوان.

والكلام عن حقوق النوبيون وتعويضهم عن أراضيهم و منازلهم  ده مش كلام جديد.و الحوار فيه كان و مازال  بصوت عالى أحد التبوهات فى مصر.

ومع ظهور الكثير من ملفات الاقليات فى مصر و الاحتفالات بالسد وتخصيص اموال لبناء مدينه لاهالى النوبه وتحفظهم عليها
وكلام ايضا عن مناقشه الموضوع فى الامم المتحده

يظل الموضوع مجهول والتغطيه الاعلاميه ليه تعتبر معدومه

,احب أى حد نوبى او اى حد مطلع اكثر بالموضوع يدينا معلومات عن حقيقه الوضع

بدل ما مصر من اسكندريه للصعيد تايهه بين تصريحات وتعتيم الحكومه و تصريحات المقتضبه للبعض النوبيين فى الجرائد

ودورنا ان احنا نسلط الاهتمام بالموضوع ده و ماندفنش راسنا فى الطين ونقول كله تمام ياباشا .

ومنتعملش مع الموضوع باستخفاف او كأنه بيحصل فى بلد تانيه ..دول جزء من مصر

,انا فى راى ان ااقل واجب لتضحيه الناس دى علشان مصر كلها تشرب مايه و تزرع و يدخلها كهرباء انهم يتسمعوا بصوت واضح وعالى.

,اتمنى ان احتفاليه السد العالى تمتد وتبقى احتفاء بثقافه وتاريخ النوبه وفرصه اكبر ان مصر تعرف اكتر عن جزء مهم من ثقافتها و من تاريخها

ودى بعض لينكات الى اعتقد انها مثيره للاهتمام


Jan 9, 2010

Pervert on the loose

yesterday around 1:00 pm I was so late for an appointment, I was rushing my way into the metro, so there was no time to get to the Women’s car.

I got into a mixed car and I sat down.

At Sadat metro station this creepy looking man got in, holding a bag in front of him in a very suspicious way.

I got destructed by a crying baby next to me the next thing I see is this man standing next to me opening his pants’ zipper was open his “everything” was hanging out and I guess he was masturbating at my FACE. I freaked out and I felt like I’m paralyzed for a second .

I jumped up from the bench , I was shaking ,the guy acted normally and TOOK my place (WTF). I looked at him and began swearing and I said this man was doing this and this…blah blah.

he got off my place walked normally to another place looking like my reaction gets him off !!

everybody else in the metro car (men & women) looked at me and looked away got back to their little chats , nobody asked me are you ok !or even bother to tell me “don’t worry”, like just all of this didn’t happened.!!

I was shaking and my eyes were tearing up feeling sick and disgusted and scared to death,and nobody bothered even talking to the guy-who stood in the car till the next station- and he left holding the bag in the same way; searching for another metro car to practice his perversion.

This situation scar me for good , I’m not going ever take a mixed car.

but the saddest thing in this story is the reaction of the people in the car.

in another post I will say my reflection to what happened!!


Jan 4, 2010

حدود وطنى

حافيه القدمين امشى

ارتحل بين المدن

حدود الخرائط وهم
صنعناه من سراب
لنحمي أصنامنا الجوفاء
فبراح الارض وطنى
وفضاء الكون سقفى
وعبير الغابات عطرى
            * * *

فاكسروا اوثانكم

واعبروا فوق الحدود
اعبروا فوق القيود
اعبروا لحلم اراه
حبيس لخطوط متقطعه
على ورق ملون
حبيس جوازات السفر
اريد وطنى حر .. اريده لجميع البشر