Aug 6, 2010

Made in USA!!

Hiphop/rapper Wyclef Jeans announced running for Haiti’s (Underdeveloped/devastated/Fail state) presidential elections; Armed with 2 Grammies (!!) and The American media machine. Following the same logic,this would make Lady GaGa- with her WMA nomination new record and world wide mania- qualified to take down Taliban and win The Afghani decade long war!!

Wyclef Jean goes to Haiti to announce he will run in the political race to become Haitian President.


For whom of you wondering who is this Wyclef?! There is a big chance you know him, but been distracted by Shakira’s hips


BaTaBeeT said...

looooooool @ been distracted by shakira's hips :D

I laughed alot hearing about him running for president :D

بتنفس حريه said...

:), me too , in fact he's a circus clown to believe that he got what it takes to run a fail state like Haiti!

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