Aug 18, 2010

UFOs’ conspiracy





I’m a bit confused about all of those Water and Electricity cuts. here is a chronological order to what happened which all in all does not make sense :

  • The government announced that it is studying to cut all power from only streets and stores/restaurants/..est. after 7:00 pm (which looks like a curfew)

                they accused Egyptian fertility rate, then Egyptian irresponsible use of 

                power during summer

  • The government announced electricity cuts due to heavy loads and excessive use in various cities

                then they have confessed that the network is out dated and can not

                take all the usage rates.

  • The government after critsism for improvised decision they decided to make the cuts scheduled

               Power cuts began to take place all over Egypt but in cases it lasted

               for hrs and hrs

  • These power cuts where accompanied with unannounced water cuts

              which the officials responded to as a usual maintenance procedures

               critics of power and water cuts become so loud and people began

               to protest as summer heat rises

  • Mubarak personally shows close follow up to this problema

               Energy minister announces that there is no more power cuts, however

               the power cuts continues

  • Mubarak embaresses the minister with televised live questions about the cuts

                The ministry drops a bomb shell and announces that the power cuts

                were not either because of the weak infrastructure or the people’s

                birthrates but due to the Liquid Gas exportations to Israel !!


Coming to water it seems it’s not only a maintenance issue but real water shortage as the Irrigation Ministry had to open the High Dam doors to allow more water to flow into the Nile


So what is really happening in Egypt?  who’s responsible for the water and power cuts?  is it the naughty Egyptians high fertility rate or the deteriorating-31years- infrastructure or the irresponsibility in managing the country’s recourses or the UFOs????!!!!

Mubarak, Nazeef, Gamal ! I don’t want to wake up on a famine !!!


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