Jan 26, 2010

National Security or Egyptian Imperialism



Kenyan newspapers yesterday had a breaking News about Egypt represented in Citadel Capital has acquired the majority of shareholders stocks of The Kenya- Uganda railways! 

The Citadel Capital was described by the National Daily newspaper as:

“a powerful and tough talking firm based out of Cairo that is whispered to count among its investors sons of the most powerful politicians and political elite in that country.”

Citadel Capital has prospective investment in East Africa estimated with 400 million$;Which insinuating the direct relation with the High official visits of the Egyptian government to East Africa.The acquisition of the Egyptian businessmen of the railways company in Kenya-Uganda out broke controversy in the Kenyan-Ugandan society described by Daily National newspaper:

“the entry of the Egyptians has stocked nationalistic passions in Kenya, and outlined the cleavage that defines how the country and Uganda define their strategic interests.”


“In the traditional mode, the conflict over what would define the national interests of the nine Nile Basin countries would be fuelled by politicians with expansionist ambitions, but in the current saga, corporate men in suits seated thousands of kilometers away are calling the shots from their plush private equity funds profits.”

This opens a big debate Now:

 whether Egypt foreign policy committed to mend its relations with the Nile basin Nations on bases of mutual benefits & strategic importance as equal partners or as an imperialist elitists?!

I’m now questioning the intensions of Nazif and his efforts. Is it for the Nile water or for the bank accounts of his businessmen government?

People now in Kenya-Uganda questioning our true intentions as well towards their countries , comparatively, Israel investments focuses more in the development areas.I think Egyptian government should revise the heavy support for its capitalists ,Considering this shall portrays Egypt as a colonial imperialism overtaking their countries.It is not wise to strive for the cash and overlook the long term relationship between us & the Nile basin.

Nazif your businessmen government experimental policies have failed nationally ! this is a fact …Why do think it will work outside?!

and these leaves us with anther  question ----> is businessmen influence have risen to the point it overpowers the foreign ministry????


background info:

Egyptian media have been alarmed by the Israeli officials visits which took place on the course of the last year to Nile basin countries.At the same time, accused the government with neglecting a national security matter, since, the Egyptian presence in Africa =0 leaving a back door to Israel controlling the sources of the Nile. However;The Egyptian government officials tried to underestimate the significance of these visits .At the end of last year, unpredictably; Dr.Ahmed Nazif –prime minister-accompanied by businessmen toured Ethiopia & later assembled with Nile Basin countries in Egypt.This has lead to many investments in those countries as well as partnerships ,while it may seem late;but these moves were praised nationally.


Mohamed Abdelfattah said...

I think it's too early to judge this move given the perception of a single Kenyan paper. Citadel is not doing something illegal. And I believe that was a very nice step since it will make us somehow in control over a vital infrastructure there. That will allow us to bargain when needed.

It's not "imperialism" =) it's free trade and open borders.

Don't be a socialist !! =P

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