Nov 5, 2010

The Man Who Drank The Tea

On an Upper Egypt tour, Mubarak “spontaneously” asked a poor/ordinary upper Egyptian man to offer him “Sa’adi Tea” at his home 

I will not comment on this boring  election stunt which we have to watch every 5 years ,thus far what I am concerned with  is Mubarak’s outrageous joke. The 30 year-president of Egypt, made a cheap joke on the expense of the dead 1000 Egyptian workers drowned in the Red Sea; while the NDP member accused of this catastrophe has been free since and his company still operates with the same low safety ferries.

Yet, I won’t mention the rescue operation which we all have seen on TV - Rescue Teams took 6 hrs to act-

I can not believe there are people that really laughed at this cheap joke; those dead corps of our sons/fathers/sisters/mothers

This is the script of the joke:

Random Upper Egyptian Guy: We use ferries to go to the other side of the Nile; to Girga

Mubarak:  Are they the same ferries that sink  **laughing** !!

Random Upper Egyptian Guy: No sir **Laughing**

---- Laughter

This Video Montage for the Comedian Mubarak and pervious interviews with (MURDERED) workers families



Ya Rayes! those people have died under your watch because of the corruption, neglect and poverty which are NOT funny.

Moreover, their families never had the chance to say goodbye or to get justice which is NOT funny either.

By the way: your re-election; that means we have to live through this another 6 years is NOT funny anymore.


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Ur truth is too daring

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