Oct 14, 2010

The Core of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

According to Michael B. Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the United States at his op-ed at the NYT today

The core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the refusal to recognize Jews as a people, indigenous to the region and endowed with the right to self-government. Criticism of Israeli policies often serves to obscure this fact, and peace continues to elude us. By urging the Palestinians to recognize us as their permanent and legitimate neighbors, Prime Minister Netanyahu is pointing the way out of the current impasse: he is identifying the only path to co-existence.

Not denying people from their homes and establishing a state over massacred Arab villages using the the “historical rights” card to justify genocide. and not explaining how racist a Jewish state is for over 1.5 M Arab Israeli and Not the 4 M Palestinian refugees. Nevertheless, zillions of security council and international law that The Zionist entity broke

This article comes in the context of the obvious fail of the direct talks. I would like to point this article after series of laws of Jewish loyalty oath and Jerusalem and Golan referendum suggestions  adding to that the refusal to extend the settlement freeze.

Here is where Mr. Oren contradict himself

Why should it matter whether the Palestinians or any other people recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people? Indeed, Israel never sought similar acknowledgment in its peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan. Some analysts have suggested that Mr. Netanyahu is merely making a tactical demand that will block any chance for the peace they claim he does not really want.

Leaving us with big Q here both US and Bibi pushed Abbas to participate in this charade with the help of their strategic allies Mubarak and King Abdullah II , why bother at the first place when the result is know ahead?!


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