Aug 18, 2010

UFOs’ conspiracy





I’m a bit confused about all of those Water and Electricity cuts. here is a chronological order to what happened which all in all does not make sense :

  • The government announced that it is studying to cut all power from only streets and stores/restaurants/..est. after 7:00 pm (which looks like a curfew)

                they accused Egyptian fertility rate, then Egyptian irresponsible use of 

                power during summer

  • The government announced electricity cuts due to heavy loads and excessive use in various cities

                then they have confessed that the network is out dated and can not

                take all the usage rates.

  • The government after critsism for improvised decision they decided to make the cuts scheduled

               Power cuts began to take place all over Egypt but in cases it lasted

               for hrs and hrs

  • These power cuts where accompanied with unannounced water cuts

              which the officials responded to as a usual maintenance procedures

               critics of power and water cuts become so loud and people began

               to protest as summer heat rises

  • Mubarak personally shows close follow up to this problema

               Energy minister announces that there is no more power cuts, however

               the power cuts continues

  • Mubarak embaresses the minister with televised live questions about the cuts

                The ministry drops a bomb shell and announces that the power cuts

                were not either because of the weak infrastructure or the people’s

                birthrates but due to the Liquid Gas exportations to Israel !!


Coming to water it seems it’s not only a maintenance issue but real water shortage as the Irrigation Ministry had to open the High Dam doors to allow more water to flow into the Nile


So what is really happening in Egypt?  who’s responsible for the water and power cuts?  is it the naughty Egyptians high fertility rate or the deteriorating-31years- infrastructure or the irresponsibility in managing the country’s recourses or the UFOs????!!!!

Mubarak, Nazeef, Gamal ! I don’t want to wake up on a famine !!!

Aug 17, 2010

Another brick in the succession wall



Taken from Almasry Alyoum website

The Egyptians have fallen into the mice trap very easily and the home master now looking down laughing. Since the beginning of this month intellectuals and elitists been busy with the ultimate question whether it will be (The Father) or (The Son) or (The Ghost!!)**. At least 3 op-ed daily in local newspapers dedicated to solve this dilemma; each has constructed an argument to support how s/he induced the presidential forecast. The rest of the elitists have been more efficient and practical using their pens and voices to pitch about Egypt’s misfortune and theirs’ as well. Those intellectuals have wasted tones of papers and hours of broadcasting at the discourse about Mubarak jr. precision conspiracy theory till they became another propaganda tool for the idea itself. They –intentionally or not- repeated the name and stating the Almighty Gamal Mubarak is enviable backed up with their personal and political failures, humming the same depressing tune to the point public ears and minds been used to. All of the (independent) newspapers planting the seeds of the defeat.Egyptian now see the project as their fate and intellectuals have nothing more to say than ( we told you so)!!

Away from the intellectual scene there are much younger optimist youth that work more than they practice ( intellectual discourse), maybe they didn’t read 1/10th of the intellects have but they have more soul indeed.

Student been raised by a generation fed the fear of political Activism, torture practices inside the security establishment been like a pop stories. Those young women and men toured the streets/villages/cities trying to be – with their bare hands- the change  they like to see in the world not wasting their time solving the riddle of whom is where and which is when !

Now I’m a disbeliever in all of those false prophets calling themselves  intellectuals and a new convert to the youth faith which is mere believe in tomorrow.


** The Ghost: is the unknown 3rd presidential candid within the military establishment or the messiah!!

Aug 13, 2010

In fact; Size Really Matters!!




Guess who owns the biggest clock on the world?

- nah, not Switzerland!!Saudi King ordered-god knows who but defiantly not Saudis- to build the World’s largest clock!

The Question remains why Saudis/Arabs need the biggest clock for people widely known for having no sense of time ??!!

- Eh,maybe because it will look good on the guinness world record book!


photo: AFP Photo/Hassan Batel

Aug 10, 2010

Ramadan Mubarak !

Less than 24 hrs for Ramadan,yet food shopping frenzy like won’t be ending soon. people shop as it’s the end of the world, one visit to one of many Cairo’s hyper markets could paint a good picture of the average Egyptian estimate consumption on; Supposedly, a month designed for elevating spirituality over materialism. 43 % food prices raise , I guess couldn’t stop Egyptian to celebrate the holy month with eating till they drop dead, or at least that what I thought.

I, as a part of Egyptians, had done some shuttle Ramadan-shopping trips on my favorite souq, During which I came to notice that small shops that used to put out Kunafa & Qtayf stands  just before Ramadan are not there as it used to be since forever. I was just puzzled; something was not right to my beloved Egyptian Ramdan scene; I started wondering, and the answer was some how predictable. The people on the streets told me that small Kunafa& Qatyf shops didn’t afford the sudden wheat price rise, so they just are waiting for prices to come back to normal (!!)

OMG! are people really giving up Ramadan kunafa& Qatyf; a tradition dated since the Fatimids?? is this really happening??

If it wasn’t enough shock; Egyptians now are feasting in Ramadan on installment!!!

To wrap things up, Ramadan shopping in Egypt turned into fares, 3 caricatured scenarios:

1-hyper-market food hyper mania, with unbelievable food quantities which my limited brain can’t absorb; how a human could actually eat all of that food in 1 month.

2- people tighten their budget and give up Kunafa luxury to be able to afford small Ramadan feast.

3- finally, people fighting and killing each other over Ramadan charity Packs.

The divine comedy is; if you were present in one and only one of the scenarios above you will be convinced that it is how things are going all over the country.




an optimistic final note Ramadan Kareem everybody :)ramadan

Aug 6, 2010

Made in USA!!

Hiphop/rapper Wyclef Jeans announced running for Haiti’s (Underdeveloped/devastated/Fail state) presidential elections; Armed with 2 Grammies (!!) and The American media machine. Following the same logic,this would make Lady GaGa- with her WMA nomination new record and world wide mania- qualified to take down Taliban and win The Afghani decade long war!!

Wyclef Jean goes to Haiti to announce he will run in the political race to become Haitian President.


For whom of you wondering who is this Wyclef?! There is a big chance you know him, but been distracted by Shakira’s hips