Oct 7, 2010

Life Won’t Quit Surprising Us






This is NOT a photoshoped picture or new animation character on Harry Potter Movie

This is for REAL, newly discovered un-named species.  


This would suggest that Devil cartoons were not a mere product of human imagination after all





Though humans are sometimes stranger than fiction and any un-discovered species


magdy-elkurdy                               (Magdy AlKurdy- Coordinator of GamalMubarak for presidency campaign)


To check rest of the newly discovered species click here


Anonymous said...

cute bat, isn't it ? :)
at last we have gotten a living proof of the degradation theory, from cuteness of the creature in the first pic to ugliness of the last. the pic in middle represents the missing link.

بتنفس حريه said...

LOL =D I think you fully grasped the theory

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