Nov 7, 2010

Free Kareem

Kareem Amer a young Egyptian blogger was sentenced to 4 years-since 2006- in prisons for charges I, personally, didn’t know they exist in our modern world till the day of his prosecution. Amer was found guilty of insulting Islam and the president (YES Mubarak).He has completed his sentences FULLY without any parole and yet he is still detained; Kareem’s Lawyers have no information why he is been held captive up till this now.
Kareem was the first blogger to be prosecuted for personal writings publishing online, this was a part of opposition crack down post-2005 elections. This harsh unprecedented rule had main propose; to deter bloggers and people who found at Internet a free speech refuge in a country has been -in the last 60s years- ruled by generals, martial and emergency laws.
Mubarak has been always outspoken about the retaliation of an Islamists (Muslim Brotherhood) getting to power on religious freedom level, spreading the scare of new Iran. NDP was very proud with the secular regime which fights religious intolerance of Muslim Brotherhood; towards minorities and women. On the other hand, people- like Kareem- are being prosecuted for speaking their mind about religious believes.
The Irony is where the sentence of Kareem- for speaking his mind- was harsher than Mamdoh Ismael’s –Ferry incident which Mubarak laughed at earlier this week-
I would love to compare this sentence and the same cases which take place in Khomaeni’s Iran. Is this making NDP better than Iran and Hamas??
Some people refused to show solidarity with Kareem's case because he is “atheist” and ”infidel” which is totally ridiculous and hypocritical Freedom of speech should protect both Islamists/Copts/and Infidels otherwise it’s constriction of liberty.
For people who found Kareem’s case irrelevant to “their freedom” quest I would say Mubarak regime oppression didn’t differentiate between Muslim and Non Muslim. Poverty, oppression and torture have no religion. The true insult of Islam is disrespect of choices taken and ideas expressed by  the god given mind.


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