Jan 21, 2010



isn’t it sad when love fades!

Do people give up their passion?

or just simply;

They have changed?!


Mohamed Abdelfattah said...

Deep. I think they 'have changed' though. Keep it up =) !

Anonymous said...

I think when love fades then it wasn't love to begin with so it is easy to give it up and move on.

بتنفس حريه said...

thx for your comment & visit :).
still inside me a great debate about this.can't deny picking aside would be a relief.

I think you r a bit harsh here or just a dreamer like me who thinks that "real love" would conquer the world :)
thx for your comment and visit

Farah Batarneh said...

When Love Fades .. it fades .. because sth with the spark is missing ..
because of missing this .. ppl change ..
and when they change .. they give up passion as simple as any thing else ..

Love is a rare thing now a days ..
but i believe that they wiill miss that love they left behind once because of changing and not trying 2 get the spark back ..

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