Aug 17, 2010

Another brick in the succession wall



Taken from Almasry Alyoum website

The Egyptians have fallen into the mice trap very easily and the home master now looking down laughing. Since the beginning of this month intellectuals and elitists been busy with the ultimate question whether it will be (The Father) or (The Son) or (The Ghost!!)**. At least 3 op-ed daily in local newspapers dedicated to solve this dilemma; each has constructed an argument to support how s/he induced the presidential forecast. The rest of the elitists have been more efficient and practical using their pens and voices to pitch about Egypt’s misfortune and theirs’ as well. Those intellectuals have wasted tones of papers and hours of broadcasting at the discourse about Mubarak jr. precision conspiracy theory till they became another propaganda tool for the idea itself. They –intentionally or not- repeated the name and stating the Almighty Gamal Mubarak is enviable backed up with their personal and political failures, humming the same depressing tune to the point public ears and minds been used to. All of the (independent) newspapers planting the seeds of the defeat.Egyptian now see the project as their fate and intellectuals have nothing more to say than ( we told you so)!!

Away from the intellectual scene there are much younger optimist youth that work more than they practice ( intellectual discourse), maybe they didn’t read 1/10th of the intellects have but they have more soul indeed.

Student been raised by a generation fed the fear of political Activism, torture practices inside the security establishment been like a pop stories. Those young women and men toured the streets/villages/cities trying to be – with their bare hands- the change  they like to see in the world not wasting their time solving the riddle of whom is where and which is when !

Now I’m a disbeliever in all of those false prophets calling themselves  intellectuals and a new convert to the youth faith which is mere believe in tomorrow.


** The Ghost: is the unknown 3rd presidential candid within the military establishment or the messiah!!


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