Apr 11, 2010




Lately, I have been yearning for some “Simsimya” music and have made my mind to hit the road and buy some new CDs.This thought was turned down by the fact,as beautiful & appealing this music is, it has no commercial existence in the market.I felt sad and angry;The Suez Canal area has hundreds of folkloric “Simsimya” treasures that simply narrate its history,could get forgotten and deprive the coming Egyptian generations to embrace and enjoy such art. So I shook all my doubts and thoughts, went to “Diwan” in search for some “Simsimya” music,I thought I have reached ecstasy spotting a CD written on it in both English & Arabic “Simsmya-Tanboura”. Quickly grabbed it,turned it to read the description of the music but my poor eyes were hit by the price which was 110 LE= 20$!!.In a country Kilo of beef =80 LE and minimum wage is a bet over the CD price with few pounds,this was enough to make me put down the CD and walk away with no regrets.This CD and such that contains MY country folkloric music which were written by simple fishermen & workers was made available for the orientalists  & exotic music lovers of the upper class but not for 80 % of Egyptians!

After I got back home,I Googled “Simsimya” music and I downloaded all I have wanted and more. Essence of the story: God bless Google,and 4shared and DOWN with copyrights.

I will share my findings for public good, enjoy and spread please ! =)


http://www.vb.6lal.com/showthread.php?t=50509 (Tanbora Band)


Israa El-sakka said...

المجد للصوص :)
i am following this tip :) 7kma wlah :D i wanted to buy chipon's piano pieces ( all of them) coasts more than LE 1000 tb3n m3 nfshom ...long live piracy ... 4shared download for free :D done :)

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