Jul 6, 2011

Media Fail or Government incompetence

This morning a sound of huge impact was heard all around big city of Cairo. People from all around the Capital; east, west, north, south, reported hearing this explosion like sound. Many started to speculate the reasons and the sound source. #CairoExplosion hashtag became trending; a mix of sarcasm, jokes with theories about the real nature of the sound. Yet, the official story was more puzzling than the Cairo explosion itself.


Two different report at exact same time on Facebook by two different newspapers sourced their news using the vague word of “Security personal”

cairo explosion 1

adding to this The State TV which announces at the same time the reason for the explosion sound is by an airplane broke the sound barrier .

ahram p

However Al Ahram Portal – state owned website is quoting The German News Agency that the explosion was due to normal rock extraction site explosion.

This is an embarrassing and unprofessional to an institution as prestigious as Al Ahram. Why for you need to quote Germany about something happening few Kilometers away from your office. easily get you head out of the window and check .

Secondly, The unidentified vague  source of these news which most press and /media call “Security Source” is unacceptable way for encapsulating a rumor with sophisticated look. What Kind of security source was he; mall Cop or the Minister of Interior ?

Lately, Through my observation to the Egyptian media in general you can spot a flows that could easily credited to unprofessionalism or self-censorship without any obvious reason. 


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