Jun 27, 2011

5 Fun Counter Revolution Propaganda

1-   Real patriotic rebels left Tahrir on the night of 25 January.
The good Egyptian youth that love their country gathered at the Tahrir square on the 25th and left the same night. However, Thugs and foreign agents took over the square on the 28th   onwards and put an act as if they are the real rebels.

2-    2-  Iranian, American, Hezbollah, Israeli Agents scammed innocent youth to destroy the economy and widen the sectarian rift.
State TV and propaganda machines spread the rumors of multi-agendas foreign agents alluring the pure Egyptian youth to destroy their country with [food] specifically, Kentucky combo meals and money, yet in mild-mannered version brain washing.

3-      3- [Rebels] in Tahrir are having orgies and drugs all night
The SCAF tagged along with the old regime media myth that young women and men spent the curfew nights at Tahrir having group sex and doing drugs.
The Army used this particular tale as a pre-text to sexually abuse female protesters.

4-     4- Israel & USA 6th fleet are ready to attack Egypt if protesters did not leave the streets.
As ridiculous as this sound, this rumor was huge on the day of Mubarak departure and afterwards. Many people in Tahrir got a phone call from a friend or a family member to leave the square to save the country form military invasion.

5-    5-  Egypt is going to bankrupt in the next 6 months if the protests remain
State owned media and national press had a major big line for days that Egypt will announce bankruptcy in 6 months if protesters did not get out of the streets and got back to work. This was as well a counter revolution myth as at the same time IMF was pushing on Egypt long term loans which could have been impossible if the country had an economy equal to Somalia. 


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