Dec 19, 2009

!All single Ladies..put your hands UP

These are modern Women  bibles …amen !

1- Bridget Jones Diaries both parts
It’s great to feel that you will find the guy that will love you “the way you are”

this is 21st century urban fairy tale..

2- Sex and the City –the show not the movie -

4 well established single women talking about men and relationships oh yes tell me about it!

3- He just not into you
Eye-opening revelation which is harsh yet true ..wake up girls , he didn’t call because he just not into you
At the end of the day it’s just not real life, but it good comfort to women 
like this big bar of chocolate.
It won’t change the reality but it will make you feel good!


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Anonymous said...

EEeuuuuuwww, please don't put the Bible on par with these flicks!

Fun films, but hardly instructive to the kind of love that lasts for life. The Bible is a much better choice.

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