Apr 10, 2011

The Mummy Returns

Mubarak’s 1st media appearance after he was sacked out of power 2 months ago.

P.S:  ** Mubarak is under house arrest in Sharm Al Shiekh

*** This was Broadcasted on Al-Arabiya = Saud’s TV

**** Gamal Mubarak was scheduled to be interrogated for corruption today. No Show!



Apr 1, 2011

Arab Spring & Israel Fall

“We welcome change in our neighboring countries, yet in our terms. If you want us to introduce OUR racist/terrorist/colonial/fundamentalist version of democracy we can assist you. and while the world is busy watching revolts & Japan Tsunami we will bomb Gaza restlessly till the last child and pass more racist laws against Arabs.More of shameless Shimon Peres lecturing about Israel democracy on the Guardian  read