Jul 29, 2011

The Bearded Friday Battle

Quick read into what happened today at Tahrir Square:

shoman Sheikh Hazem Shoman


Salafists lack the political maturity and I guess it's unfair to count them as political group to begin with.

They have broken political agreement. Thus, their calculations were limited as they hided behind their numbers and the street sympathy with Islamic rhetoric due to continuance prosecution of Islamists since 54. However, long term effect was antagonizing their adversaries.

Salafists' political naivety shows MB as the only mature and responsible Islamic group in Egypt. a Free favor by immature rival.

Lesson 1: Salafist are NOT a political group as everyone else like to present them and I guess  this confusion started when SCAF sought their mediation on political and sectarian conflicts. They lack autonomous organization and political vision.

Lesson 2: Salafists proven they can not play politics with bungling performance on the squar today. Yet, they introduced  themselves as a spoiler group. Salafists’ pundits and large loyal followers can ONLY tarnish political gains of any political group.

Lesson 3: Realistic estimation of on ground power of Salafists [ no evasion and no exaggeration] is critical to any political group to win. Since winning cannot be granted unless Salafists are neutralized

Lesson 4: at this point political unity is not realistic approach. getting ready for elections is. MB are very ready & former NDP [check countryside]


SCAF has already neutralized Salafists as an adversary during Imbaba battle

Jul 6, 2011

Media Fail or Government incompetence

This morning a sound of huge impact was heard all around big city of Cairo. People from all around the Capital; east, west, north, south, reported hearing this explosion like sound. Many started to speculate the reasons and the sound source. #CairoExplosion hashtag became trending; a mix of sarcasm, jokes with theories about the real nature of the sound. Yet, the official story was more puzzling than the Cairo explosion itself.


Two different report at exact same time on Facebook by two different newspapers sourced their news using the vague word of “Security personal”

cairo explosion 1

adding to this The State TV which announces at the same time the reason for the explosion sound is by an airplane broke the sound barrier .

ahram p

However Al Ahram Portal – state owned website is quoting The German News Agency that the explosion was due to normal rock extraction site explosion.

This is an embarrassing and unprofessional to an institution as prestigious as Al Ahram. Why for you need to quote Germany about something happening few Kilometers away from your office. easily get you head out of the window and check .

Secondly, The unidentified vague  source of these news which most press and /media call “Security Source” is unacceptable way for encapsulating a rumor with sophisticated look. What Kind of security source was he; mall Cop or the Minister of Interior ?

Lately, Through my observation to the Egyptian media in general you can spot a flows that could easily credited to unprofessionalism or self-censorship without any obvious reason. 

Jun 27, 2011

5 Fun Counter Revolution Propaganda

1-   Real patriotic rebels left Tahrir on the night of 25 January.
The good Egyptian youth that love their country gathered at the Tahrir square on the 25th and left the same night. However, Thugs and foreign agents took over the square on the 28th   onwards and put an act as if they are the real rebels.

2-    2-  Iranian, American, Hezbollah, Israeli Agents scammed innocent youth to destroy the economy and widen the sectarian rift.
State TV and propaganda machines spread the rumors of multi-agendas foreign agents alluring the pure Egyptian youth to destroy their country with [food] specifically, Kentucky combo meals and money, yet in mild-mannered version brain washing.

3-      3- [Rebels] in Tahrir are having orgies and drugs all night
The SCAF tagged along with the old regime media myth that young women and men spent the curfew nights at Tahrir having group sex and doing drugs.
The Army used this particular tale as a pre-text to sexually abuse female protesters.

4-     4- Israel & USA 6th fleet are ready to attack Egypt if protesters did not leave the streets.
As ridiculous as this sound, this rumor was huge on the day of Mubarak departure and afterwards. Many people in Tahrir got a phone call from a friend or a family member to leave the square to save the country form military invasion.

5-    5-  Egypt is going to bankrupt in the next 6 months if the protests remain
State owned media and national press had a major big line for days that Egypt will announce bankruptcy in 6 months if protesters did not get out of the streets and got back to work. This was as well a counter revolution myth as at the same time IMF was pushing on Egypt long term loans which could have been impossible if the country had an economy equal to Somalia. 

May 23, 2011

Mossab: Egyptian Story

Mossab Al Sha’er is 29 years-old- cardiologist. Egyptian young man born and lived all of his life under Mubarak’s regime. He decided to participate in the Egyptian day of rage on 28th of January and ended up in Germany to receive treatment. Doctors took out of his body over 200 rubber bullets and he almost lost his feet.

Mossab is just 1 of a 6000 people injured during the 25jan revolution, Yet there is a lot of skepticism among Egyptians that Mubarak and his regime will be prosecuted for their crimes against the peaceful protesters

Watch his 11 mins phone call with Mahmoud Saad about his excruciating experience and his journey to Tahrir.


لا للوثنيه و عباده الاصنام

النهارده يوم التدوين ضد تجاوزات المجلس العسكرى. الناس دونت عن اسباب كتير و وثقت كلامها بصور وفيديوهات و تحليلات.

أنا لو كتبت عن كل الى انا شفته و سمعت و حسيت بيه من اول معركه الجمل لغايه النهارده مش حزود شىء.

انا حكتب عن تامر حسنى.. ايوه تامر حسنى عمل اغنيه جديده عن “الثوره” و ابطالها من “الجيش” .

وايه علاقه ده بالمجلس العسكرى؟؟؟؟

افتكر يوم ما تموره روح معيط من رجاله التحرير و قالهم ضحكوا عليا و غرروا بيا

انا قلت هو و الى زيه مش حيلاقوا مكان تانى… يسبحون بحمد الفرعون و بيسجده لاصنامهم ..المعبد اتهد خلاص

لكن لما يخرج يسجد و يسبح ويصلى بحمد الجيش الى هو هرب منه من غير خشى و لا حيا

ورجاله التحرير الى دفعوا تمن دفاعهم عن حريتنا بفقد حريتهم فى السجن الحربى{مش حتكلم عن الشهداء لان ده موضوع كبير اوى } ..يبقى كده اعرف ان الاصنام ابتدت تتنصب تانى.. كهنه المعبد رجعوا لتنصيب الفرعون الجديد

و بيجهزوا صلاوتهم الجديده علشان تناسب الخط الاحمر الجديد الى فوق القانون وحتى قوانين الطبيعه ومعناه ان البيئه دلوقت  مهيئه لظهور النوع اللزج من الطفيليات الى هى مقياس جيد لتحديد موازين القوى الجديده  

بما اننا شعب موحد متدين انا ارفض الشرك …ارفض حاله الوثنيه فى التعامل مع الرموز

الثوره جاءت لتحرير المصريين من السجود للبشر ، ومن يوم 11 فبراير للنهارده انا شايفه صنم جديد بيتبنى للمصريين ..

احب اقول للمجلس العسكرى ان شرعيته من الشارع..يعنى الشعب هو خط احمر

واحب اقول للناس الى بتدافع عن التجاوزات الرهيبه للجيش فى حق الشارع … شعب مصر العظيم بس هو الى عمل الثوره و الدليل اسامى الشهداء الى ماتوا مافيهمش عقيد ولا رائد ولا لواء

الثوره دى بتاعتى و بتاعتك و بتاعتنا كلنا…. ويوم 27 انا حنزل التحرير علشان اقول كده

..ياسياده المشير…اذا كنت ترى حمايه الثوره منَه و فضل والمثول لصوت الشارع هبه…فالثوره لها رب يحميها

والله الموفق

Apr 10, 2011

The Mummy Returns

Mubarak’s 1st media appearance after he was sacked out of power 2 months ago.

P.S:  ** Mubarak is under house arrest in Sharm Al Shiekh

*** This was Broadcasted on Al-Arabiya = Saud’s TV

**** Gamal Mubarak was scheduled to be interrogated for corruption today. No Show!



Apr 1, 2011

Arab Spring & Israel Fall

“We welcome change in our neighboring countries, yet in our terms. If you want us to introduce OUR racist/terrorist/colonial/fundamentalist version of democracy we can assist you. and while the world is busy watching revolts & Japan Tsunami we will bomb Gaza restlessly till the last child and pass more racist laws against Arabs.More of shameless Shimon Peres lecturing about Israel democracy on the Guardian  read